Rod the Rocker

Rod the Rocker

"Rarely has anyone betrayed his talent so completely"

That quote from Rolling Stone magazine journalist Arion Berger, just about sums it up.

In 1973 Rod Stewart had the world at his feet. He had credibility with musicians, journalists and the pop public. He had released 2 stonking albums. He was selling out stadiums.

And then he met then first of a succession of blondes: Britt Ekland, a Swedish actress, more renowned for getting her tits out than for her acting ability, who persuaded him to wear silk dungarees and jumpsuits.

For a guy who had enjoyed hard core street cred, it's a bit like fucking hamsters. Once it's out there, it's difficult to shake off the reputation.

But, hey, this article is not about blondes. It is about the descent of a stellar talent into mediocrity if not downright parody.
rachel - Another blonde
Another blonde

Lester Bangs, one of the best American music scene scribes wrote in 1977; "Rod Stewart now makes music for housewives." With tracks like "D'Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Hot Legs", it is difficult todisagree.

Since circa 1976, Rod has been mostly famous in the celebrity pages of the less serious newspapers for chaperoning a succession of young blondes. He has married a few on the way. He is now nearing 60 and is still at it.

FirstFoot does not want to name his current companion, 'cos it could change tomorrow. But, can safely say, she is blonde.
emberg - Another blonde
Another blonde

The sad thing is; there is bugger all good to say about his music.

After 26 years, Warner Brothers have dropped him from their roster.

His output has been mostly bland and unchallenging for almost three decades and recent record sales have been very poor.

Fuck Rod. You could still do it!!!!!!

Just find a brunette.

NB: Rod is the only artist to appear in Good Scottish Pop and Bad Scottish Pop. FirstFoot wonders if he is losing any sleep over it.

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