Jesse Rae

Jesse, replete with the regalia that made him so tediously infamous

It's a damn shame really. When you do the research, everyone who comes across Jesse Rae is impressed by his sincerity and niceness. Which is maybe just as well, because his music is terrible.

Jesse, a Borderer, is a man of many parts. A big part of him loves getting dressed up in Scottish warrior regalia, complete with muckle big broadsword, and making music videos to accompany some of the shite songs he has written.

Anyone who has heard "Over the Sea", will know what we mean. The first time FirstFoot heard it we were on the floor laughing. It's awful, he can't sing and can't hold a note for toffee. The accompanying video complements it wonderfully, with Jesse on top of an American skyscraper whirling the broadsword round his head. Unfortunately, for music lovers everywhere, he didn't fall off.
Jesse Rae does his "extra in a Kurosawa film" impersonation
Jesse Rae does his "extra in a Kurosawa film" impersonation

Or "The Thistle", an unmelodious dirge which features a video of Jesse running through the waves of an American city beach, complete with pneumatic Baywatcherettes, and standing on top of a moving steam train in Scotland whirling the infamous sword. And, once again, an opportunity was missed. Despite the combined desires of music lovers everywhere for him to fall off the train, Jesse managed to stay on his feet.

I guess that one of our problems with his persona is the same one that Scots generally have about Harry Lauder. It's an embarrassing caricature that does poor service to his home country.

And it all started so well for Jesse. In 1981 he wrote "Inside Out" for the American disco group, Odyssey. It was an international hit which still gets radio play today. He would probably still be getting regular royalty cheques if he hadn't been declared bankrupt in 2002.

He's been around too. Anyone who remembers the real fun, heavy duty funk madness of Bernie Worrell and Funkadelic or Parliament, might be surprised to know that Jesse Rae was hanging around with Bernie Worrell and did an album with him under the name of the Space Cadets.
Guess what ... Jesse's all dressed up again
Guess what ... Jesse's all dressed up again

He had worldwide deals with serious record labels, won international awards for his early multimedia work and, as well as his Odyssey hit, has also written for bands like Human League.

Today, Jesse is back in the Borders. Pissed off with the bank that bankrupted him. Doing rugby radio broadcasts on Borders internet radio and possibly wondering where it all went wrong.

But he has a locker full of memories that many of us would kill for.

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