Jesus and Mary Chain

Jesus and Mary Chain

The noisy from East Kilbride. FirstFoot cannot think of anything terribly complimentary to say about them.

They were famous primarily because of their slightly provocative name, much in the same way that the Dead Kennedys were.

FirstFoot suspects that this article will provoke much choking on amphetamines amongst the Jesus and Mary Chain (JAMC) fan base, but we don't actually give a ...

JAMC were post-punk. That may not be completely fair. While the rest of the country revelled in an orgy of gob and speed-induced pogoing in 1977, it is entirely possible that news of punk did not reach East Kilbride until 1983.

They were "discovered" by Alan McGee of Creation Records, later to go on to greater things with another bunch of noisy bastards, Oasis.

Psychocandy, their first album was released in 1984 and was listed in Sounds magazine as one of the top 100 albums of all time. Sounds were probably trying to draw attention to themselves since most people with any taste were reading NME at the time.

They have released some more records, but are pretty much a footnote in history of rock and roll.

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