Fish (sometimes pronounced "Fush"). Aka Derek William Dick. Born in Dalkeith in 1958.

Legend has it that a landlady gave him the nickname Fish because he spent so long in the bath (doing what we wonder ?). FirstFoot prefers to think that it is because he has a face like a smacked Haddock.

Fish had a challenging business career as a petrol pump attendant before deciding that the world of music would be a poorer place without him. So, in 1980 he embarked on an odyssey which has culminated in this glorious mention in the archive of truly awful Scottish Pop.

What differentiates Fish from other sad talentless musicians is that he was the singer in a band full of other sad talentless musicians.

The band was Marillion. Hear them once and remember them forever. Because they sounded almost exactly like Genesis.

These days bands tend to be more honest and to call themselves "tribute" bands.

Fish joined Marillion in 1983 and left six Genesis sound-alike albums later in 1988. He has since worked with Tony Banks, ex-keyboard player with, yup you've guessed it, Genesis.

The high point of this dreadful band's career was the single 'Kayleigh', which reached number 2 in May 1985.

Fish has a recording studio in Haddington, East Lothian and an extremely loyal following of permanently pre-pubescent "progressive" rock fans.

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