The Skids - and the turkey that is Richard Jobson

Richard Jobson and a turkey. What's the difference? Turkeys don't recite poetry

Scottish "punk" band. FirstFoot was always suspicious of them, mainly due to super poseur Richard Jobbieson.

Although, being dropped from an Alice Cooper tour after only two dates as support, allegedly for being too weird, does give them some credibility.

Originally from Dunfermline, they had a top 10 hit in 1978 with the unmemorable Into the Valley .

The best thing to emerge from The Skids was Stuart Adamson, who left the band once the insufferable Jobbieson started heading in art-rock directions. Adamson formed Big Country, who produced some truly memorable Scottish Rock.

Jobbieson, as far as FirstFoot knows, is now a professional poseur.

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