Clare Grogan - Altered Images

Clare Grogan - 1983

Already a minor star by the time that Altered Images hit the public consciousness (thanks to her appearance in the Bill Forsyth fillum, Gregory's Girl), Clare Grogan is the name most associated with this Glasgow band.

From auspicious and highly street-credible beginnings such as the support slot on the 1980 Siouxsie and the Banshees tour and the championing of them by the venerable Mr John (Demi-God) Peel, it was all downhill pretty rapidly. From indie-pop to mindless pop.
Grogan - 1999 The years have not been kind !!
Grogan - 1999 The years have not been kind !!

Human League producer Martin Rushent produced their third single and first hit single "Happy Birthday" which went as high as number 2 in 1981. This and the Images being voted "Best New Group" in the prestigious NME poll, was as good as it got.

A dramatic turn for the commercial worst saw "poptastic" producers Mike Chapman and Tony Visconti employed and the subsequent departure of two of the band's founders. Not that this mattered, as by this time, as far as the public was concerned, Ms. Grogan was the band.

The output which followed was forgettable and the band split up in 1983. Ms. Grogan attempted a comeback in 1987, unsuccessfully, and has filled in the intervening and subsequent times with minor film and soap opera character parts.

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