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Scottish local dictionary - Scotland's local words are wonderful. The reach heights and plumb depths. They are rarely less than descriptive.

Scottish Proverbs

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Good Scottish Pop

First Foot makes no apologies for the entirely arbitrary choices which follow. Scottish popular music has always been stacked with an abundance of talent, more than making up for a few turkeys along the way (see "Bad Scottish Pop"), that it would be impossible to mention everybody.

Great Scotsmen

In the Roll Call of British heroes, the name of Air Chief Marshall Dowding stands out like a beacon. Boy, does his name stand out. Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding. A mighty magnificent monicker, if ever there was one.

Scotch Myths

Scotland is a country rich in myths, monsters, mysteries, legends and folklore. Here are just a few of FirstFoot's favourite tales of the fantastic.

Scottish Genealogy

Want to trace your family roots? Find out where you came from?